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Welcome to the New Parent Packet Digital Marketing Kit presented by ARKids First. By participating in the New Parent Packet program, you are helping ensure kids are getting a healthy start in life. To help you make your participation in this program a success, ARKids First invites you to take advantage of the resources found on this page. Simply browse the tabs below for ready-to-use content and resources that fit your needs. All material is free and ready for you to copy, paste, print and share.

Be sure to take a moment to review the slides below. Our presentation will equip you with everything you need to know about the New Parent Packet and how to incorporate them into the services you provide to new parents. If you have a specific question, please contact an ARKids First representative at the Arkansas Department of Health by dialing the number below or via email. Thank you for participating in the ARKids First New Parent Packet program. Together, we can help give Arkansas kids a healthy start in life.

If you have a specific question about ARKids First or the New Parent Packet, contact our program specialist at (877) 650-2362 or at (501) 212-8686. You can also reach out via email at

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