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G2C Outreach & Education Marketing & Public Relations

Our firm introduced outreach and education to Arkansas in the early 1990’s with a project called Campaign for Healthier Babies, a prenatal campaign that has been recognized nationally for its quality and results. Since that time, the G2C (government to citizen) component of outreach programs has grown and become an integral part of the equation. We specialize in building public, private sector and government coalitions that include local, state and federal agencies, not for profits, private businesses, volunteer organizations and select media. The synergy of coalition building is a key factor in the success of the work we do. Since 1990, we have developed outreach and education programs for more than 40 initiatives. Our work includes state, regional and national programs.

Our process is based on a proven model that we have developed.

Reach - demographically and geographically your prioritized audiences
Teach - provide them with key information that research says will motivate behavioral change
Engage - one on one or in small groups at the local/community level through special events
Measure - monitor data-driven feedback
React - monitor results and modify tactics

Building G2C Outreach and Education Programs That Produce Results

From Dan Cowling G2C Marketing Expert

Work & Experience

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G2C | Spanish Language Creative Case Study

Research: Better Beginnings, a program of the Arkansas Department of Human Services, connects Arkansas families with information and care that helps their children experience a safe, happy, healthy childhood. Better Beginnings is designed to improve the level of quality in childcare and early childhood education programs across the state. ComGroup specialists worked with Better Beginnings…

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G2C | Community Outreach Campaign Case Study

Research: The United States’ Delta is one of the most impoverished regions in America. The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) is a federal agency dedicated to improving the economy of the region and represents the area’s eight states, including 240 counties and parishes. Realizing poor health played a major role in productivity, the DRA retained our firm…

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