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Beth Killingsworth
Class of 2019

Name: Beth Killingsworth
Hometown: McCrory, AR
Title/Position: Crop Insurance Sales Agent, Farmer’s Business Network

Briefly describe your role: I help farmers’ manage their risk through crop insurance with products that are available through federal programs and also private products.

Q: Is what you’re doing now what you always pictured you would do?
A: I am very happy where I am at in my career. I have always been involved on the farm and always pictured myself being in agricultural sales. I think coming from a farm family, it’s nice to work for a company that is not only progressive, but also focuses on putting their customer’s first.

Q: What do you see as the greatest challenges for women in your chosen industry? What are the greatest opportunities?
A: I know with speaking to other women in the industry, there have been challenges along the way. Luckily growing up on the farm with my grandparents’, they never taught me anything differently than they did my brother. I never saw my Pepa do something on the farm that I thought I couldn’t learn because he was always willing and ready to show me how to do everything he was doing as he was doing it. I feel like I have taken that same perspective and attitude with any job or situation I have had in my career. I think there is great opportunity for women in the agriculture industry just because there seems to be more platforms and companies shining a light on the great things women have been and are doing in this industry. I love seeing other women excelling and doing great, no matter what role they play in their career. When I see a woman working hard and excelling, I try my best to let them know I am proud of them. I think it’s important for us to lift each other up, even in an industry that can be very competitive.

Q: Who has inspired you in your life/career?
A: I would say my parent’s (Rick and Pam Killingsworth) and my grandparent’s (Cleo and Joyce Cain). My parents’ have an educational background in agriculture, and my grandparent’s farmed for over fifty years. They both pushed me to get an education. Just like most growing up on the farm, I have seen many good years, but I have also seen some bad ones. I’ve seen my family go through many trials and tribulations both personally and in their careers, but they have always shown me that hard work and dedication pays off. They all have truly inspired me in every aspect of my life.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring professional?
A: First off, I say go get your education because that is something no one can ever take from you. Second, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone that you respect that is in a career or has a job that you are interested in one day. Lastly, I would say to go after what you want and to keep positive people in your life that will help push you and help you work towards your goals. Work hard, be dedicated, and show up.

Q: What’s been your secret to success?
A: First off, any success I have had, I thank the good Lord above for it. I would say learning from my failures and short-comings in life is one thing that is important and has helped get me to a more successful place. I’m very thankful as I continue to grow in my career.

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