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Right Brain Marketing

For more than 30 years our company has utilized right brain marketing research to help our manufacturing clients, as well as our company, learn the key factors needed to implement successful marketing programs, revealing the critical buying motivators which drive purchasing decisions that go far beyond traditional research. Typically, standard consumer research is conducted to learn more about the buying habits of a customer’s products and services, helping them understand their customers buying habits “from the horse’s mouth.” You’ve probably been involved in a research project of one sort or another during your career.

Usually the research is designed to learn:

  • How often do people purchase your products?
  • When do people purchase your products?
  • What are the price point barriers that affect buying decisions?
  • What makes your products different than your competitors?
  • How did you hear or learn about our products?
  • Etc.

All the information gained in this form of research is important. But, traditional research fails to answer the single critical question that every company needs to know to be truly successful in motivating their customers to purchase their products. That question is

WHY do you buy or specify our products?

By utilizing right brain research, we have successfully created marketing programs that specifically address the engineers, MROs, OEMs and others in the manufacturing industry that utilize our customers products. These programs have ranged from helping take a regional manufacturer with annual sales of $60 million to annual sales of more than $150 million to a well-known manufacturer grow from the third most preferred product in its category in North America to the largest in the world. All because they believed in the power of using right brain techniques to project THE RIGHT message and image to their customers.

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