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CHALLENGE: A local regional manufacturer of residential garage doors with annual sales of approximately $60 million and a reputation for offering the highest quality garage doors decided to break out of the regional sales arena and attempt to compete head-to-head with nationally known garage door brands. ComGroup convinced the customer that the first step they should take would be to conduct a national research project that could help answer the questions, “how do we get from here to there and what products would offer the styles and price ranges that would appeal to a wider range of dealers and distributors?” The research findings led our customer to restructure its sales force to systematically grow its sales coverage incrementally…one region at a time…and introduce a new line of doors that were specifically designed and built as an “economy” version of their current product line.

CHALLENGE MET: In a matter of less than 10 years, and by following their new strategy, our customer saw sales increase to over $150 million along with a national dealer and distribution network that covered all of North America, resulting in their becoming the third largest garage door manufacturer in the U.S.

POWERFUL INSIGHTS: Powerful industrial marketing requires a solid plan and the discipline to follow the plan. ComGroup specializes in building solid strategic plans that yield solid results. See more B2B marketing case studies here.


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