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Orbit® ball valves are internationally recognized as the premiere critical application ball valves for us in the oil, gas, chemical processing and hydrocarbon industries. Their reputation for designing and manufacturing industrial ball valves is unmatched and truly sets the standard for the highest quality product of its type. However, the world market for ball valves was a limited market when compared to another, less expensive valve design used in these industries known as a “butterfly” valve. To compete in the butterfly valve market, Orbit designed and produced a new butterfly valve that eliminated many of the weaknesses inherent in the product. Our challenge was to introduce this new valve line of products while retaining the highest standard of quality Orbit was known for.

ComGroup created a program to promote the new valve design using applicable trade publication ads as well as feature articles explaining the improvements made in the new butterfly valve design that set it apart from the traditional design. We also produced an animated CD demonstrating the design differences in their new butterfly valve. The demo CD was packaged to unfold and visually compliment the CD product demonstration. Each were mailed to Orbit’s extensive list of customers. Within 3 months, Orbit added two extra shifts to meet the demand for the new product.

Powerful industrial marketing requires a solid plan and the discipline to follow the plan. The introduction of a new product can be a tremendous investment for a company ranging from the initial product design, to tooling up to produce the new product and then letting the world know the features and benefits. This case study is another example of our ability to assist manufacturers in building solid strategic programs that are effective and yield solid results…every time.


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