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With more than 30 years of extensive experience developing innovative marketing and public relations programs for some of North America’s leading industrial manufacturers, we have seen many changes in the way products are made and how companies operate. Recently, we have seen a tidal shift like none other before…the birth of the 4th Industrial Revolution powered by new technology and thinking…specifically the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of our customers challenged us to help them communicate to their customers that not only were they in tune with the 4th Industrial Revolution, but were embracing those new technologies to improve their ability to better serve their customers.

ComGroup collaborated with two of North America’s most influential industrial media outlets to develop a series of Thought Leadership articles written from our customers’ perspective. We assisted in writing a series of four articles, each bylined by their Senior VP of Marketing, addressing specific elements of The Revolution and its impact on industry.

This campaign placed our customer front and center as the first in their industry sector to communicate the impact The Revolution would have today and the near future. Over a three-month period, the total print and digital versions of the articles equaled over 270,000 impressions.


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