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Covid-19 Crisis Communications & Planning

In “normal” times, change is a variable that successful companies manage. Constant, never ending change. During the COVID-19 pandemic, among others, there are three key elements that can help us all adjust during these challenging times. This piece is the second installment of our COVID-19: From Crisis to Recovery message (part-one here).

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Now more than ever, we’ve got to think outside the box. Look at what’s happening and think creatively in regard to how we can respond. One of the more effective definitions of marketing that I’ve encountered is; Identifying what the customer wants. Addressing , how I can deliver the goods or service at a profit. Then having the courage to do it.  Now is the time to put this tested approach to work.  It’s time to create a new future.

Focus, clarity and simplicity

Three, laser targeted, well executed ideas will always outplay 50 good ideas that you have neither the time or resources to execute well. To learn more about how what we have done, check out our COVID-19 response plan.

Taking action

The only unacceptable thing you can do during this time is NOTHING. It’s time to move from reaction to action. Organize your thoughts. Have a plan. And, act decisively.

For several years I traveled to Chicago once a quarter to spend time with Dan Sullivan. Dan is the author of Strategic Coach and one of the most exceptional change agents I’ve had the privilege to associate with. His thoughts and ideas are creative and market tested.

Over the years I have incorporated many of Dan’s principles and concepts into the daily operation of our company as well my personal views and approaches to business. Dan’s new program The First 100 Days can help prepare you for the new future that we’re all experiencing. I think you’ll find it useful. Click here to learn more.

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