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Industry Focus

Our agency founder and president is proud of the fact that his first client was an international pioneer in developing soybean seed located in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Move forward to present day, we’re just a few miles up the road from the rice capital of the world. We proudly call Arkansas home. A home that boasts the agriculture industry as our top economic contributor.

We have a team of agriculture experts that communicate and advocate daily for one of America’s most important industries. We develop marketing strategies and put public relations plans into motion for commodity boards, university agriculture departments and even farm startups.

The experience of our agriculture marketing team is diverse. From animating irrigation processes to event planning and trade show management, see how our team delivers marketing and public relations results for ag clients across the nation.

We opened our doors by serving a business-to-business customer in the manufacturing industry. Now more than 30 years later, we continue to work with that original customer along with a number of international and national B2B manufacturers, distributors and engineers.

Our team speaks the language of trade journalists, and we know that a retail marketing approach might not be effective within the horizontal and vertical markets of industrial products and technology services.

Check out our case studies to find proven results from projects that will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next communications partner. And let us know how we can power insight for your company.

Our firm introduced outreach and education to Arkansas in the early 1990s with a project called the Happy Birthday Baby Book. Since then we have developed marketing and public relations for more than 40 government programs at the state, regional and national levels.

Government-to-citizen communication isn’t the same as selling retail products to a certain demographic. Most often, G2C is about behavior change– asking constituents to consider a healthier lifestyle or consider preventive care to increase their quality of life. We call on education and outreach experience to market the messages that will produce results.

Our process is based on a proven model that we have developed.

  • Reach - demographically and geographically your prioritized audiences
  • Teach - provide them with key information that research says will motivate behavioral change
  • Engage - one on one or in small groups at the local/community level through special events
  • Measure - monitor and change approach as needed based on data-driven feedback
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