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2019 Marketing Trends from Dane Cowling B2B Marketing Expert

On Oct. 5, the manufacturing industry will celebrate Manufacturing Day nationwide, informing young adults on careers in the industry and reminding all Americans how relevant manufacturing is today. ComGroup Founder and Industrial Specialist, Dane Cowling (known for his business-to-business marketing success and manufacturing insight) believes that the future of “made in the U.S.A.” is now.

1 .  There’s a major advantage to manufacturing in the U.S.

“Made in Country for Country” has finally made the big manufacturers that moved overseas decades ago realize that by being close to their customers, companies get products out quickly without blowing their margins. Many companies have learned that although offshoring was attractive on the surface because of lower labor costs, the reality was much different.

Unstable economies, poor infrastructure, corrupt governments and unskilled labor forces are just a few of the unexpected surprises companies faced when they moved their production overseas. Now, they’re coming back and producing goods here which can only benefit the American labor force and our economy.

2 .  Demand is increasing.

The latest economic indicators show manufacturing in the U.S. is on the rise as consumer spending continues to increase. Like the Doritos commercial said…eat all you want, we’ll make more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ labor productivity index states that manufacturing has increased roughly 2 ½ times that of manufacturing in 1987.

3 .  Manufacturing jobs are abundant.

40 years ago, there were more skilled workers than jobs. Today, a challenge that many companies in the U.S. are currently facing is a skills gap. Younger workers that lack proficiency in traditional skills have made it harder to find workers that are necessary to keep manufacturing plants up and running. The skills gap has led to more available manufacturing jobs than there are people with the skills to fill them. And, those types of skills go far beyond the preconceived image of yesterday’s factory worker.

Yes, industry needs skilled technicians like welders, pipefitters, electricians and machinists to name a few, BUT there is a greater variety of employment opportunities today than just one generation ago. Positions like engineers, safety managers, accounting, technical writers, graphic artists, even photographers and videographers are in high demand. So, don’t let the old image of working with your hands in a noisy, dirty factory be the picture you have in your mind. Today’s plants are clean, safe and rewarding atmospheres to seek a career.

4 .  Automation has led to advances in the industry.

Automation is changing everything; not just in the U.S. manufacturing sector, but around the world. According to Forbes, “AI is going to make automation more widespread and even more reliable.” Tasks that formerly took several people to accomplish can now be done through automation. And, that just scratches the surface of the impact of new automation processes.


Dane Cowling is the agency founder and industrial specialist at The Communications Group in Little Rock, AR. Dane has successfully led business-to-business (B2B) management teams for over 30 years in his role at the agency. His specialty is understanding any industrial product and being able to market it to the masses. Check out Dane’s B2B marketing leadership here.

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