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Celebrate Friday the 13th with Us

Did you know that we opened The Communications Group doors for the first time on Friday the 13th? We took the superstition a bit further because those doors were hinged on the 13th floor here in downtown Little Rock. Turns out, the number 13 has always been good for us, so we say Carpe Diem with some exciting news!

A few months ago, we celebrated the firm’s 30th birthday and we’ve been working on a big announcement to mark our birthday. Today we’re shouting from the rooftops. Today we’re staking our flag where we do our best work; in three industry categories: agriculture, business-to-business and government-to-citizen.

Our passion is creating value for our customers. Period. And, we do it by the numbers. Our company is an integrated marketing communications firm that emphasizes data-driven strategic planning, multi-channel implementation and responsive monitoring. That’s the distinction we bring to agriculture, B2B and G2C.


This isn’t just about what we do, we’re giving our look a makeover too. Our name will stay the same; we’re pretty fond of it. We developed a new logo highlighting our focus on marketing and public relations and we dropped the word advertising. Yes, we still offer advertising services, but as a marketing tactic. Our clients want effective messaging that reaches a certain audience. We build and support that process, and sometimes it leads to advertising.

We are also introducing a promise line: Powering Insight. This reflects our culture and the service that our clients have valued for over 30 years.

To exist-long term in our business, you must specialize. We’ve built our niche these last 30 years, and now we’re bringing it to the forefront of our brand. Many staff members on our team have double- digit tenure, resulting in unmatched experience in these three areas.

We’re calling the new focus and new look ComGroup 3.0. Our staff is celebrating with a launch party at noon today; we invite you to a virtual toast to celebrate live on Facebook.

Hear a 10-minute story about our 30-year history in Dan’s podcast here.

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