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How to Celebrate National Beer Day

Yes, much like you, we are still trying to understand why #NationalBeerDay doesn’t come with a day off work. Since we’re working today, we have chosen to celebrate the next best thing, the fact that NBD is on a Friday this year. Surely, that’s the next best thing. If you’re scratching your head and asking how in the world we ended up with NBD, there’s a great story behind it. Seeing as 1) Storytelling is what we do and 2) We love great beer, we are here to share that story and tell you how to enjoy the festival of frost.

Let’s start by telling you that President Franklin Roosevelt deserves the credit for this day, it was on April 7, 1933 (that’s 84 years ago) that our commander-in-chief Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act. This law marked the beginning of the end to prohibition and allowed Americans to brew and sell beer, as long as it registered less than 4% alcohol by volume. It wasn’t until 2009 that some modern-day hero in Richmond, VA named Justin Smith saddled the power of social media to create National Beer Day. In 2017, Virginia’s governor officially recognized the occasion, making this officially official.

I know what you’re saying, the back story is nice, but how do I celebrate?! I’m glad you asked. We have put together a list of four ways to celebrate:

How to Celebrate National Beer Day in Arkansas

1.) Beer specials

Ask if your favorite watering hole has any events planned or special #NBD offers

2.) See for yourself

Tour one of our local breweries – Arkansas has nearly 20 active breweries, many offer tours

If you’re in Little Rock, check out Rebel Kettle, Lost Forty, Stone’s Throw, Blue Canoe, The Water Buffalo, Diamond Bear, Flyway, Refined Ale or Vino’s

3.) Do your homework

Try your hand at brewing your own, we have local shops like The Water Buffalo and Fermentables that can help you get started

4.) Taste your options

Pop in to your local grocery store and make a sampler six-pack to try different brews. If you’re not sure about that, stop in to a pub in town and ask to sample something you’ve never had. You might be surprised and find something you like.

If you’ve read all this and still want more celebration on National Beer Day, the folks at mental_floss have the 25 Amazing Facts for National Beer Day. Of course, make sure you celebrate responsibly.

– Cheers from your friends at ComGroup

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