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CFE Media: Marketing to Engineers

The CFE Media: Marketing to Engineers™  seminar in Chicago features industry experts presenting tips for successful integrated marketing campaigns and the latest trends relevant to the engineering community. During the 2015 educational sessions, industry experts discussed strategies and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively.

Our B2B team leader and Industrial Specialist Dane Cowling started the day off by speaking about the importance of emotion-based, Right Brain Marketing in this logic-based industry.

  • Tapping Into the Engineers' Brain: All consumers make decisions based on their emotional needs. Whether it's a new purse or highly engineered machine, process or service, people are motivated to buy a brand promise or product when both the left and right sides of their brain "agree" on the decision. Unfortunately, we have become very skilled at meeting the needs required by the logic-based left side of our brains, but have ignored its very powerful emotion-based partner.

Interested in having Dane speak at your upcoming industrial manufacturing seminar or event? Contact us.

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