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Continuous Media Optimization℠ (CMO)

WHAT IS CMO? Specific to digital advertising, we have developed a Continuous Media Optimization (CMO) analysis that ensures the utilized digital tactics are achieving maximum results.

WHO NEEDS CMO? Every advertiser implementing digital marketing needs an optimized schedule.

WHERE IS CMO USED? CMO is an integral part of any digital marketing plan.  Utilizing CMO allows advertisers to ensure their targets, placements, creative, messaging and CTAs are maximized throughout the duration of the campaign.

WHY USE CMO? Often, B2B marketers will place digital advertising, and the targeting never changes...the creative never changes, the positioning doesn’t change. When this happens, we frequently see the results do change…for the worse.  Implementing Continuous Media Optimization (CMO) allows advertisers to look at trends and performance monthly, tweak the elements and then redeploy their placement wherever those customers are online.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Our media specialists review the advertising metrics, objectives, performance and trends, depending on schedule type, daily, weekly or monthly. From that review, we develop an Insights Report and make recommendations on refinement needed to audience targeting, platform, tactic or creative revisions. Available metrics such as impressions, campaign spend, click-thrus, engagement and referral URLs are utilized to determine most effective platforms.

We can also use insights from creative A/B testing to highlight most effective messaging, call-to-action (CTA) and imaging performance for the digital schedule. Recommendations for optimization are provided as needed.

PROVEN | Running a Facebook campaign for a national B2B brand, the initial placement achieved fairly standard results. Insights reporting indicated targeting and creative refinements. We used CMO to revise the schedule, without any changes to the budget. The Continuous Media Optimization strategy results:

  • Impression increase: 167% and 266% increase in people viewing the client’s message in the following two months
  • Click-thru increase: 138% and 202% increase in click-thru action in the following two months

YOUR CMO CONNECTION | Contact David Fahr, Media Director, at for more information and insight about Continuous Media Optimization (CMO).

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