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It’s About More Than Awards

CG awards squareSince our founding in 1987 we’ve won hundreds of national, regional, state and local awards for our work. Recognition is a nice thing. But the Three R’s are what keep us going.

Make the world go ‘round. And, we’ve had some great ones over the years. Our average client relationship is 12 years and our longest (and one that continues) is 30.
The average relationship we have with our employees is 12 years with the longest being 25.
It’s good to know the people we work with and for.

We build stories that produce results. It’s what our clients expect. Over the years we’ve built our programs around research and strategy-based communications and marketing that is outcome based. Programs that are more than simply a clever creative idea. And, how are we doing? We keep getting asked back.

Like we said, we’ve won hundreds of awards. Most in competitions that require research, strategy, documentation of results and great creative. But, the best recognition comes from long time clients who sign the checks and keep working with us year after year.

Yep. It’s about a lot more than just awards.

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