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Manufacturing Day 2019


Every year, Americans come together to celebrate and honor a variety of important days that had an impact on the development and advancement of our country. There’s the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Mother’s Day, and of course the beginning of them all, Columbus Day. But did you know that in 2014 President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation recognizing the first Friday in October as National Manufacturers Day? President Obama declared this a special day to educate and celebrate those who proudly stand behind our goods and services made in America by Americans. Unlike any other nation in the world, Americans develop and unlock technologies that grow our economy, producing practically everything you see or touch. From grains of sand to the most sophisticated aerospace technology components, the people that drive manufacturing in America drive our daily lives as well as produce new goods and services that will help propel the U.S. far into the distant future.

With over 30 years working alongside some of America’s premier manufacturers, ComGoup has been fortunate to experience the inside workings of the manufacturing world up close and personal. It is so easy to take manufacturing for granted…it is almost an invisible economy unless you are directly involved with and exposed to its inner workings. That is why we would like you all to join in and help us salute some of the truly great Americans that make our country strong, prosperous and respected by the rest of the world…the people that make manufacturing in America, by Americans the strength of America. So, on Friday October 4, 2019, let your friends, neighbors and co-workers know about National Manufacturing Day and why it is important to every aspect of our daily lives!

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