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Marketing Optimization Meets Industry 4.0: Why the 4th Industrial Revolution Matters to Marketers

4th Industrial Revolution Meets Marketing OptimizationSustainability. Industrial internet of things. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning…cycles come and go in the business world, but in terms of global scope and revolutionary effect, it’s not a stretch to say everyone in business is being affected by the 4th industrial revolution.

At The Communications Group, we’re engaging with the sweeping changes in technology, data and automation [with a side of sustainability] that have been labeled Industry 4.0.

We’re paying attention to the revolutionary changes in our #MFG [manufacturing] clients’ use of technology and automation. We believe that understanding the 4.0 dynamics affecting the manufacturing industry makes us more effective marketers. Much like Industry 4.0, data is the fuel that is powering marketing strategy into overdrive.

Like our clients, we utilize technology and data-driven processes, to optimize our productivity. As we automate and incorporate tools that offer marketing and communication integration, we are experiencing results at new levels.  Using data to produce successful client outcomes is an integral part of our responsive marketing process.

Technology and Marketing Optimization in Little Rock, ArkansasOne example of how we’re responding to the changes in technology and data-driven strategies is a product we’ve developed called Continuous Media Optimization ℠ (CMO).  CMO harnesses ongoing data analysis to direct channel selection, timing of media, message placements and audience targeting resulting in unprecedented effectiveness for digital media activity. At regular intervals, our CMO tool applies insight to a customer’s digital strategies and results in tailored responses, guided by the numbers.

Why does the 4th industrial revolution matter to marketers? In a nutshell, if it matters to our clients, it matters to us. As our customers integrate and respond to Industry 4.0, so does The Communications Group. Until Industry 5.0 comes along, we continue to find insights and applications for data-driven decision-making to powerfully optimize marketing effectiveness, PR productivity and advertising efficiency.

Photo credits: Unsplash

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