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Whether your need is online or offline research, ComGroup conducts a lot of it. We develop surveys, third-party polling, in-person intercepts, SRI (structured remote interviews), focus groups or content audits. Our research team conducts primary and secondary research including meta and data analysis. Some recent projects:


  • SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH - We completed a nationwide survey in the spring with credentialed professionals - mechanical, electrical and specifying engineers - who are busy and often hard to reach. We designed an online survey with a $40 incentive and used a qualified, opt-in email list to target the audience. We had scheduled two weeks to fill the sample minimum, but reached the minimum in four days. The objective of the survey was brand awareness benchmarking following a company acquisition and name change, to determine what, if any effect, the name change would have on customer brand preference.


  • MONTHLY ONLINE SURVEYS - We conduct monthly online surveying for a large organization responsible for regulatory oversight of thousands of small businesses. We analyze the monthly results, build the tables and graphs and then report them using an e-newsletter communication campaign.


  • STRUCTURED REMOTE INTERVIEWS (SRI) - We completed a nationwide series of SRIs (structured remote interviews) for a national organization to assess needs for a planned technology development project that had stalled. The organization had attempted focus groups at several locations around the country. They had even developed a lengthy facilitator’s guide, but were unable to efficiently conduct the focus groups within their budget. Our solution was to build an SRI plan for them and conduct 45- minute recorded structured interviews with qualified professionals throughout the country, using a new interview guide we developed. That project took 6 weeks. We conducted all the interviews, analyzed the results, wrote the report and produced a presentation providing the summary of project implications.


  • STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS - We built a stakeholder research program for a large national manufacturer on the east coast that required an interview component and a meta-analysis of competitor communication. We surveyed senior executives, sales staff, vendors and customers. The results of that stakeholder research became the basis for the company’s national PR plan.


  • PHONE POLLING - For a healthcare client, we recently completed a 250-sample phone poll in the Midwest. Because the results had to be validated by a third party, and had strict specs for margin of error and sampling quotas, we used a Washington DC polling vendor with whom ComGroup has worked many times in the past. The sample included landline and cell phone respondents. We designed questions to gauge unaided issue awareness, educate and then re-test aided awareness. The polling vendor provided the raw data; ComGroup conducted the analysis, wrote the findings for the report and built a communication strategy to align with the findings.


  • COMPETITOR EDITORIAL ANALYSIS – We built a research project for an industrial client who wanted to increase their share of voice in several key vertical markets. We analyzed five years of editorial coverage in 25 influential trade media outlets, both online and offline, and we looked at the competitors’ presence on key social channels used by target customers and engineering professionals, like LinkedIn. We built a comprehensive index of editorial coverage in the priority markets that included authorship, attribution, subject matter and tone of coverage. From that index, we created a share-of-voice baseline from the findings against which the client would benchmark future coverage, content and volume.


To talk to our research team or get an estimate on a research project, contact us by phone at 501-376-8722 or complete this form.

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