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You may be asking yourself, do I need SEO on my website? When you type a keyword to search for your company, product or service online do you appear above your competition? Search engines like Google, Yahoo and even YouTube Search help people find the solutions and services they are searching for.

How can you make sure they find you instead of a competitor? Read below for a few quick tips to optimize your website content to make it search-engine-ready.

  • CONNECT WITH CONTENT – What are you trying to convey? Make sure your message is concise and worthwhile. Readers don’t want to waste their time and if they bounce, or leave your site quickly, search engines will believe your site is not a good source of information.
  • META MAKES A MEGA DIFFERENCE – Meta data, like page titles and page descriptions, are coded texts that aren’t visible by your site visitors, but rather meant to be read by search engines. These areas are the first place your focused keywords and queries should be placed. How can a search engine understand what your page is about.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY– How does your website appear on your mobile phone or tablet? For most industries, mobile traffic can make up nearly half of your total site visits. Site design with mobile users in mind will help you to reach more of your audience.
  • SOCIAL SIGNALS– Place links to your social media on your website. This helps visitors and search engines find everywhere your brand exists online. Don't have social media accounts? We can help: Contact us.
  • IMAGES & VIDEO– Include interactive elements like photo and video whenever it is useful for your reader. Be sure to code your images with alt tags and text so that visually-impaired visitors using screen readers will know what your image and video content are about!


How well is your site performing for search?
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