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Carson Horn
Public Relations Manager

Specialist: Carson is our Public Relations Manager. He comes to us from Oklahoma, where he gained extensive and diverse experience in agricultural communications. He offers a unique and specialized skillset, helping us do what we do best—deliver. Carson’s responsibility is bridging the gap between agency and clients, ensuring we tell their stories creatively and effectively.

Carson brings informative perspective and unique talent to the agency. He graduated from Oklahoma State University, and he has worked in agriculture communication ever since; however, his unique abilities go back much further than his college years. He grew up on a wheat and cattle farm, and his parents are both educators. Held to high academic standards, this is where he “developed an appreciation for hard work and responsibility,” he said. From editor to broadcast anchor, from traditional to digital media or from press releases to magazines, he’s done it. When it comes to bringing the worlds of communication and agriculture together, Carson has had his hands in it all.

After four years at the Arkansas Cattleman’s Association (ACA), and three years at the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network in Oklahoma City, Carson’s accomplishments are significant. During his time at ACA, he modernized the association’s 60-year-old, monthly magazine and transformed their annual convention into Arkansas’s largest farm and ranch trade show. He was awarded for these efforts in 2015 when he was recognized as NCBA’s 2015 Communicator of the Year. Though his career took him away to Oklahoma for a bit, Little Rock called him home. He lives in Little Rock with his fiancé, Morgan and his lovable hound-dog, Laramour.

Hidden Talents: Gin Rummy Enthusiast. Farmhand Extraordinaire. Man of Many (Nick)names. Height Hater. Andrew Zimmern Wannabe. Lover of Words.

Q&A with Carson:

Did you have any pets as a child? What kind?
Lots. Growing up on a farm, that tends to happen. I’ve had several dogs through the years, countless cats, a rabbit, hermit crabs, fish, a pony, chickens and goats. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed the company of my basset hound, Laramour (Larry for short). My parents gave him to me as a graduation gift after college.

What did you do during the summertime?
Mostly worked on the farm. It seems like there was always fence that needed to be built back then. I have a lot of fond memories driving around with my dad checking cattle, opening gates and riding along in the tractor while he baled hay.

What were you most afraid of as a child?
Heights. It’s why I stopped growing at 5’8”.

What’s on your playlist?

Did you have a favorite movie as a kid/teenager?
I grew up watching all the great old movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age. I’ve always been a big fan of actors like John Wayne, Gene Wilder and the Marx Brothers. If pressed to give a favorite movie, I’d say it’s a pretty close tie between Big Jake, Young Frankenstein and Go West.

What was your favorite music or band in high school?
Driving around with my mom growing up, I developed a strong appreciation for the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and others in the genre.

What was your worst job? Why?
As a school superintendent, my mom used to run a Saturday school program. One year she recruited me to babysit the teachers’ kids while they taught class. I’m good at a lot of things, but babysitting isn’t one of them.

What would be your ideal job?
Have you ever seen those shows on TV where the host just travels the world, eating local food and getting paid to have a great time? Yeah… that. How does somebody fall into something like that?

Do you have siblings? How many, are they older or younger?
I have one older brother, three years my senior. I describe our relationship as being “painfully close.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Winning the girl of my dreams, Morgan. We got engaged over Christmas and will be married next June.

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