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Cecilee Pamplin
Public Relations Specialist

Specialist: Cecilee is the public relations specialist, she helps the PR team write content to connect clients to their audiences. From 25 character-count banner ads, to advertorials for clients, Cecilee is sure to create a message worth reading. If your brand needs a message delivered, Cecilee will craft it in an engaging and creative way.

Cecilee studied at the University of Central Arkansas where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in public relations. She has created award-winning work including a uniquely designed media kit and nonprofit campaigns. Cecilee is a passionate communicator and creative thinker.

Cecilee's specialty is: Cherishing every relationship because each one teaches something new. Her passion for people drives her to help clients recognize intriguing audiences and communicate with them effectively. Cecilee’s attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinking helps her develop powerful messages, leading to strong relationships between clients and their communities.

One of the most valuable lessons she has ever learned is to always be quick to modify and adapt, so the ever-changing world of communication poses a challenge she can’t resist. Cecilee is a quick thinker, and she is eager to learn. She can’t wait to bring your message to life!

Q&A with Cecilee:

Is there a teacher that you remember having been particularly influential?
My third grade teacher really pushed me to be creative. My fifth grade teacher pushed me to be a leader. My 12th grade math teacher pushed me in all aspects of life, as she was my dance coach as well. However, the teacher who has had the MOST important influence on my life would have to be my mom (even though I wasn’t allowed to be in her 4th grade class). I guess you could say she has been my “forever” teacher.

Podcast you’re listening to now?
Up & Vanished, Season II (for the second time) and Hell & Gone Season II

Favorite thing to binge watch?

What's on your playlist?

What were you most afraid of as a child?
Sharks have always been my biggest fear. As I’ve gotten older, it’s kind of shifted into a general fear of the deep ocean. There are MILES we don’t even know about. There’s just so much of it!

If you could meet any historical figure, of the past or present, who would it be and why?
Ellen DeGeneres. She spreads a kind of goodness that the world could use A LOT more of.

In addition to allowing you to earn a living, how else has your career created value in your life?
It’s given me confidence, and pushed me to embrace my creative quirks.

Who was/is the biggest influence in your career?
My dad. He has pushed me in a very balanced way. He stays focused on my goals without losing sight of my dreams!

Most influential college professor?
Dr. Riva Brown

Favorite college class?
Cases & Campaigns with Dr. Amy Hawkins

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