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Dana Rogers
Senior Art Director & Vice President

Specialist: Dana is the lead graphic designer and art director for our G2C clients. Her specialty is working with healthcare providers, government agencies and nonprofits on print ads, web design, digital ads, logos, books, manuals, annual reports, legislative communication and special event materials. Awards for the work she has produced line the walls and the shelves of the agency.

Dana specializes in: Listening. Dana Rogers (or DR as she is known in the agency) should have been a United States ambassador. She is probably better than anyone in the agency at listening to a client’s needs and asking all the right questions. This ability allows her to translate the customer’s program concepts and goals into campaign materials that motivate action and behavioral change.

Specializing in outreach and education: 25 years

Other specialties: DR is the longest tenured employee at the agency outside of the founders. She is a fine artist and creator of extraordinary custom jewelry. She reads about 55 books a week (maybe fewer, but every time we see her, she’s reading a new book), loves her Nook, is a fabulous dog mom and has a family of extremely talented artists. She also holds the official title of “Nicest Person in the Advertising Business.”

Q&A with Dana:

Q: Do you have any nicknames?

Twin and DR

Q: What is it about your personality that you felt would benefit you most in this career field?

Creativity and love of art.

Q: Did you attend college? If so, which one?

Vicariously, Louisiana Tech. While putting my husband through school, I studied the masters by typing his reports. I attended every art function from speakers to gallery shows to foreign films.

Q: What’s on your playlist?

Q: What is your most significant accomplishment as a professional?

Being hired as an art director at The Communications Group. In over two decades at ComGroup, I have been rewarded time and time again by customer and peer approval of my work — work made possible by research and sound direction from my associates and my team.

Q: Do you have children/grandchildren? If so, how many and what ages/sexes?

Two young-adult children. My son is a fine artist and my daughter is a sous chef.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Work in my garden and with Pulaski County Master Gardeners, read and make jewelry.

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