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David Fahr
B2B Media Director

Specialist: David is the leader of the agency’s business-to-business industrial media group and manages all of the national industrial manufacturing customers’ media strategy, planning and placement. Fahr knows manufacturing. He speaks “trade media.” Traditional, digital and social. His credentials include certification in social marketing by the Online Marketing Institute. David has spent 20 years focused on planning and buying media for B2B customers, emphasizing industrial and manufacturing clients. He is one of the most experienced and respected practitioners in the industrial media industry. His product is data and research driven.

David's approach: Emphasizes a “tradigital” media strategy. Tradigital  is the practice of integrating traditional marketing and media with established and emerging digital and social media products and strategies. David’s goal is to provide industrial clients with the data, information and expertise to develop the most effective media campaigns including media leverage and thought leadership. His strategy involves extensive research, a vast network of trade media relationships, ongoing digital education and a deep love of Excel spreadsheets (he really, really loves his spreadsheets).

Specializing in Media Placement: 20 years

Other specialties: Baseball, boating, fishing, family outings, more baseball, college sports, meat and potatoes, fabulously dry humor.

Q&A with David:

Q: Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Michigan, Kansas, South Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina. I have lived in South Carolina for 30 years and call that home.

Q: How many kids do you have?


Q: What is your wife’s favorite nickname for you?


Q: What’s on your playlist?

Q: Three words to describe your family:

Baseball, Tumbling, Jesus-Loving

Q: What is your favorite part of this business?

I enjoy just about everything with regards to advertising, the strategy, the planning, the analysis…but my favorite part is negotiating. There is nothing more satisfying then getting a client more media impressions than they wanted with less budget than they wanted to spend.

Q: All-time fave baseball player?

I have three….Austin, Brody and Zack Fahr.

Q: Pets?

One super cool dog and one cat that really needs a new home.

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