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Jennifer Pearson
Office Manager

Specialist:  Jennifer is the agency’s office manager. She manages the support staff and many of the clerical and support functions for every team member. Jennifer’s specialty is keeping things and people organized. If there’s a meeting involving anyone or any client in the company, chances are Jennifer has been involved with making it happen.

Clients know if they call our Little Rock office and get Jennifer on the phone, they will have an answer, whatever their question, very soon. Her colleagues will tell you that she will do anything at any time to help. That translates into a valuable asset to our clients.

Jennifer is a skilled administrative assistant who keeps many of our projects running, and she will be the first one in line to assist a client or colleague at crunch time.

Jennifer’s specialty is: Organization and planning. Jennifer creates and maintains standard office policies, manages correspondence, designs efficient office systems and assigns and manages clerical functions.

Other specialties: Motivation, encouragement, specialty snack procurement, sports, animal rescue, infinite energy, turbo-charged positivity, being a cool aunt, throwing killer office parties

Hails from: Wiesbaden, Germany

First job: Waitress

Wishes she could: Take her dog, Molly, to the office

Always on her desk: Whatever it is, it will be color-coded and cross-tabbed…alphabetically…and by date

Q: What’s on your playlist?

Community involvement: CARE for Animals, spay/neuter clinic coordinator, special event committee member

Favorite Movie of all time: Pride and Prejudice

Big fan of: Making it better, making people smile, Kelly Clarkson

Words to live by:

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. You can’t change the past. You can’t foresee the future. Enjoy the present.”

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