Keiana Holleman
Public Relations Specialist

Keiana is a PR Specialist in ComGroup’s award-winning Public Relations department. She works collaboratively within the client teams on public relations, media relations and community outreach campaigns, primarily with G2C clients. You will still occasionally see her smiling face working on Ag or B2B projects, but Keiana’s passion is changing lives and making an impact on others, making her the ideal fit for ComGroup’s government-to-citizen work.

Keiana is a graduate of Jackson State University where she rocked campus activities and confesses her Media Law class was her favorite. She brings her tech-fluency to the agency daily, along with her skills as a communicator, writer and advocate.

Whether she is building a public relations plan, creating news releases or producing digital content to support client brands, Keiana combines her experience in higher education marketing and nonprofit communication to produce client success.

Her professional experience includes content marketing at a state university, along with advocacy and outreach work for AARP in Mississippi. At AARP Keiana created legislative briefings, volunteer outreach communication, newsletters, and presentations, along with management of all of AARP’s social media accounts. Most recently, Keiana was the Digital Content Specialist at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. There she was an integral part of the marketing team, creating strategy and producing content for the university’s social media channels.

Keiana was born in Monroe, Louisiana and lived in Alaska as a youngster (she has moose stories). She graduated from college in Mississippi but now calls Arkansas home. She has a B.S. in Mass Communication from Jackson State University where she graduated magna cum laude. She is an active blogger, an avid writer and a true lifelong student of communication. When she’s not writing for fun, she can often be found involved in online communities or volunteering her time for a worthwhile project.

Other Specialties:

Blogging. Twitter chats with other PR professionals. Adventurer. Fitness buff. Ability to quote the entire film Remember the Titans.

Q & A with Keiana

First job?

“I was a content marketer at a university.”

Favorite job?

“AARP was my favorite work experience. I really felt that my communication and outreach projects were changing lives and making an impact on the state of Mississippi.”

Favorite subject in school?


Influential educator in your life?

My mother and my speech teacher in high school, Mrs. Brennan. Mrs. Brennan had a great influence over my life. She saw my potential as a writer and orator and offered encouragement, which was what I needed to decide what I wanted to do in life.”


“A brother who lives in Alaska.”

What does “family” mean to you?

“I think of loyalty and support.”

Super-power you wish you had?

“I’d want the power to consume and fully understand any information at an insanely rapid speed. I would be the most productive person on the planet!”

Most memorable travel experience?

“My college friends and I traveled to Alcorn State for the rivalry football game. It was my first time driving in the middle of nowhere. We created a lot of memories that day!”

Celebrity you’d like to meet?

“I would want to meet Oprah. She has one of the most successful brands of all time. I would want to build a professional relationship with her.”

What's on your playlist?

“Twitter! It’s a conversational community, and I love engaging with other people.”

Podcast you’re listening to now?

Communities that Convert podcast.”

Android or iPhone?