Payton Morein
G2C Account Planner

Payton Morein Account Planner The Communications Group Little Rock, ArkansasEvery client has an agency team that supports their account, led by an Account Planner. Payton is an Account Planner serving clients in the agency’s G2C [government-to-citizen] group. She works closely with agency team members from creative services, public relations, digital media, social media, strategic planning, and research and media services to ensure every government outreach campaign gets an integrated plan with measurable solutions and data-driven tactics.

Payton ensures that the research is completed, reports are delivered, analytics are measured, budgets are met and communication – both internal and external – happens according to each client’s approved timeline.

By her own admission, Payton is a born problem-solver; coupled with her nonprofit background and digital fluency, she’s a natural in the agency’s G2C group. Payton has a passion for outreach and education and knows the nuances and processes associated with working on government campaigns. She’s also a mean card-player, courtesy of her Cajun French grandmother (92 years young).

Payton is a native of Ville Platte, Louisiana and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Digital Advertising, from Louisiana State University, where she graduated cum laude. Prior to joining ComGroup, Morein worked for United Way of Southeast Louisiana in New Orleans as a marketing associate before earning a promotion to marketing and public relations manager.

Other Specialties:

French Cajun fluent. Card player. Artist. Painter. Pro-level football tailgater. Huge LSU fan #GeauxTigers.


Q & A with Payton:

Q: First job?

I babysat a little boy in my neighborhood during the summer when I was 13. I thought it was so cool to be able to drive my golf cart to “work” every day.

Q: Cat or dog person?

All of the above – growing up I had bunnies, ducks, chicks, hermit crabs, cats, dogs and everything in between. But now I’m definitely a dog person. My heart belongs to Roux, our Australian Shepherd pup.

Q: Favorite college class?

Any class that had to do with graphic design and advertising. I love being creative, and I got to do it for a grade while my friends were suffering through boring science classes.

Q: What’s on your playlist?

Q: If you could do it again, would you choose a different major?

Sometimes I think I should’ve switched to engineering (snooze), but then I remember how much I love what I do. I’ve wanted to be in advertising since I was in eighth grade, and I am so glad that I chose this career path.

Q: What is your most memorable travel experience?

We were traveling home from a conference in DC, and our Lyft driver got lost IN THE AIRPORT. I found out that there is a carwash on the airport grounds. He went up the wrong way in a parking garage. It definitely was a “you had to be there” story, but it was something I will never forget.

Q: What does the word “family” mean to you?

When I think of family, I think of a support system. I consider most people in my life my family because I surround myself with people that inspire me to be my best self.

Q: Siblings?

I have one younger sister. I am five years older than she is, but people always think she is older.

Q: If you could meet any historical figure of the past or present, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet the Queen of England because I have a mild obsession with The Crown on Netflix.

Q: Favorite thing to binge watch?

Friends, hands-down, best sitcom ever.