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Manufacturing Marketing

At Communications Group, we’re experts at utilizing manufacturing marketing to expand a company’s brand. Most advertising agencies don’t understand the industrial manufacturing world. But at ComGroup, we’ve made it our mission to cultivate a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry and the global impacts that can affect the sector.

We have an entire division of associates that are dedicated to working within the manufacturer’s go-to-market requirements to build upon their expertise and stay current on new technologies. Our associates are also required to log hours of time attending manufacturing boot camps, working on the plant floor, and attending trade shows. This group possesses a special expertise that other ad firms simply do not have.

In addition to our industry knowledge, Communications Group also has teams that specialize in public relations, digital communication and advertising. Our experienced creative strategists are experienced in turning a company’s concepts and ideas into creative and innovative advertising campaigns that will broaden your company’s reach and increase your products’ exposure.

Our research and strategy team will help you gather data on who your key audience is in order to deliver focused, clear messaging to the people you want to reach. Data gathered from focus groups, surveys and voter polling will help you eliminate the guesswork and determine where to spend your resources in order to get the best return.

With thirty years of experience, we at Communications Group are confident in our ability to continuously provide our customers with innovative solutions for their manufacturing marketing needs. Our associates have an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry, as well as a creative eye for design and a solid understanding of marketing strategies.

Although we may work in an office out of Little Rock, Ark., we’ve been providing exceptional manufacturing marketing work for clients located all over the United States.

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