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Animated Video Marketing

Video marketing is rising in popularity as social media continues to flourish. The ability to share videos that auto play makes spreading your business’ message to a wider audience easier than ever before. At The Communications Group, we implement calculated and proven methods to plan, prepare, produce and distribute videos for your business that utilize the latest successful marketing techniques. If you are looking to supercharge your business’ marketing strategy, a personalized animated video marketing campaign is a great way to start.

B2B Animated Video Marketing

Business to business marketing is the process of businesses marketing their products and / or services to other businesses instead of consumers. Executives and employees are watching work-related videos more than ever before, making animated video marketing an excellent tactic to reach various industry professionals. At ComGroup, we can help you produce enticing videos with calls to action that will prompt other businesses to engage with your brand.

Generate & Convert Leads

It is well-known that videos and media are more engaging than text. We have entered an era where many messages on the internet are accompanied by some sort of visual media. When a well-crafted call to action accompanies an engaging visual content, prospects are more likely to be converted into clients.

When you combine animated video marketing efforts with social media, you can ultimately create marketing content that is not only easily shareable, but engaging in a way that converts prospects into clients. By creating content that is easily shareable, you increase the range and size of audiences reached. Compelling animated video marketing can therefore increase your odds in the “numbers game,” increasing the probability of increasing conversions.

At ComGroup, we have decades of experience in branding, message development and strategic planning. This converts to having the experience you need behind compelling and effective video marketing.

Impressions Count

Anyone who has dipped their toes in marketing knows that impressions count. When a customer is confronted with choices for services or products, they must consciously choose between competing vendors. First impressions are enormously important since they are without a doubt the initial way prospects interact with your business.

Captivating animated video marketing can help guarantee that prospects “stick” to your message and do not navigate away before your call to action settles in.

Make Your Mark

When you’re ready to make your mark on the world, contact the ComGroup team to get started. We guarantee that your message will be effectively targeted, well-developed and strategically delivered.

At ComGroup, we are proud to have helped our clients navigate the ever-evolving world of marketing outreach. Animated video marketing is the latest trend that you do not want to miss out on. For comprehensive creative services, contact ComGroup today!

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