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B2B Video Marketing: Expand Your Brand

B2B video marketing is rising in popularity among marketing outreach strategies for a number of reasons. In this digital age, visual information is much easier to absorb than print material. It’s also much more dynamic than text or still imagery, which makes it more visually compelling and interesting. At ComGroup, we specialize in strategizing B2B video marketing efforts for the highest return on your investment.

B2B Video Marketing

Business to business (B2B) marketing is the process of organizations marketing their services or products to other companies instead of consumers. And with an increasing amount of executives watching work-related videos per week, it’s important to strategize your video marketing outreach.

Generate & Convert New Leads

In addition to being more engaging, video marketing also assists with lead generation. Whenever a user hits the play button, they’re already showing interest in your product and initiating engagement with your brand. A well-executed B2B video marketing piece can be an invaluable tool in generating prospective clients.

By generating new leads, you’re also increasing the probability of increasing conversions as well. At ComGroup, we can help you strategize the content, delivery and message apparent throughout your video to engage viewers. A compelling video can do wonders for conveying emotion, influencing buyers and transforming leads into customers.

Increase Your Ranking

Behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web today. Compelling video content can easily be shared via social media, generating more views, comments and engagement. Tag your videos with appropriate keywords and increase your visibility. As brand awareness goes up, so often does trust and credibility.

Documentaries or brand films give viewers a peak into your business environment and broadcast your company’s culture. Testimonials and client interviews provide genuine content about your products and services, and webinars can offer educational insight while generating a higher return on investment.

Expert Advice

To strategize your B2B video marketing efforts, contact the team at ComGroup. Under our advisement, you can create meaningful content about your brand while also expanding your reach. Contact us today to get started!


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