ComGroup Challenge Met: Structured Remote Interviews (SRI)

CHALLENGE: A national organization’s planned education technology project was stalled in development because focus group testing with the target audience could not be completed. Focus group participants were scattered in locations across the country, making focus group research an inefficient use of the organization’s budget and time resources.

CHALLENGE MET: ComGroup developed an SRI series for the client that was able to gather the necessary data and completed the research in 6 weeks. SRI is a technique we developed centered on  structured remote interviews (SRI) that follow a defined structure and provide the consistency of qualitative focus group input, while eliminating the undesirable focus group byproduct of “groupthink.” On this project, we built the interview guide, conducted the interviews throughout the country, analyzed the results, wrote the report and delivered the presentation to the organization that helped move the client’s project to its next phase.

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