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Facebook Live Video Marketing

Chances are that if you have a Facebook account or have spent time on the platform, you are familiar with the Facebook Live feature. This video streaming service was added to the media giant’s repertoire of fun functions in 2016 and has taken off since.

Many businesses in virtually every industry have utilized the live broadcasting feature on their Facebook accounts for promotional marketing purposes. For example, showing viewers live footage of your business or organization’s event helps garner excitement and interest, persuading them to come participate.

The Communications Group has decades of experience in strategizing, developing, producing and distributing compelling marketing material for the agricultural, business-to-business and government-to-citizen sectors. Let us help you make the most of your business’ social media outreach with our services in Facebook Live video marketing.


The agricultural industry is an excellent field to leverage Facebook Live video marketing. In fact, ComGroup has garnered real results for individual industries such as soybeans. We conduct research, target audiences and conduct appropriate audits to make sure that we are crafting the best message for the most appropriate audience for the greatest impact.

Business to Business

At ComGroup, we have worked with numerous businesses to help improve their standing among competitors for business-to-business accounts. We implement research, audits and numerous other planning activities to ensure that our marketing campaign is flawlessly executed and successful.

View our case studies to see how we have helped harness the brand equity of our clients. We have learned how powerful diverse content is and view Facebook Live video marketing as an excellent way to increase earned business-to-business accounts.

Government to Citizen

Facebook Live video marketing within government has become wildly popular during recent years. Facebook Live’s commenting feature makes discussion among constituents immediate and more open than in town halls since everyone can comment. Like a growing number of politicians, many governmental organizations use Facebook Live to make immediate commentary relevant on breaking news and hot topics. This is an extremely effective way in capturing constituents’ attention in an age where social media dominates the web.

ComGroup has decades of experience working with governmental organizations in developing strategic video campaigns and would love to help your organization develop a strategic approach towards utilizing Facebook Live.

Work With the Industry Experts

ComGroup has a passion for creating value for our customers. Even better, we do it by numbers, meaning that you can be sure that you get the results you are looking for. Contact us today to leverage the power of Facebook Live video marketing for your agricultural, business or governmental needs.

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