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Industrial Marketing Definition

Searching for industrial marketing definition? Communications Group is a unique communications solutions service in that, apart from most other marketing agencies, ComGroup has a real-life understanding of the industrial manufacturing field and even the economic factors that can so often alter it. ComGroup even designated a special division which is staffed fully by employees whose one job is studying and working within the manufacturing industry’s specialized marketing requirements. These employees need to go through hours of real, face-to-face experience with manufacturing employees on factory floors. This is referred to as a sort of “manufacturing boot camp” that all employees must complete in order to receive as real an understanding as possible of all that is involved in the manufacturing and industrial fields

An industrial marketing definition would be just the marketing of industrial goods and services by one business to another business. A lot like everything else industrial, industrial marketing is pretty much just marketing on a larger scale and normally between two or more businesses. Goods that are produced by an industrial manyfacturer are known as industrial goods. These goods are different from others because they are used to make components of an end product using one or more raw materials. Industrial goods are manufactured in one factory, and then sent to a different factory to become a piece of a larger end product. The specialization of industrial marketing is an area in which many other agencies are barely familiar with, but ComGroup has made it what they are nationally known for.

Communications Group has been working for businesses from all over the United States and helping them to achieve their industrial marketing, creative advertising or public relations dreams from their office in Little Rock Arkansas since 1987. ComGroup may be popular for their expertise and specified department within industrial marketing, but they also have expert professional services, digital communication, and retail advertising teams.

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