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James Inwood
B2B Project Manager

James is a project manager for the agency’s industrial business-to-business clients. He is a part of the team that works every day to improve our customers’ positioning, brand awareness, sales and business leadership.

As a project manager, James works collaboratively with senior Account Planners on monthly print and digital advertising and marketing campaigns. He interacts with advertisers, media and clients to create and maintain production schedules and coordinate editorial calendars. Each month, James conducts a thorough analysis of deliverables, key performance indicators on campaigns and creates comprehensive metrics reports for each client.

James has a B.A. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Henderson State University in Arkansas. He is Hootsuite and HubSpot certified and fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud application and Qualtrics. James is an avid gamer.

Other Specialties: Artist. Writer. Student actor. Interpreter of Millennial behavior. Skateboarder. Athlete. Lover of humor and laughter. New Jersey native.

Q & A with James:

Q: First job?

Summertime golf course maintenance. Also my worst job because of the pay.

Professionally proud of:

I’m most proud of winning best actor in a student film festival in college. I acted in a friend’s short film, and it was a great feeling to win an award for something so fun to do.

Q: What’s on your playlist?

Q: Siblings?

I have a younger brother.

Q: What does “family” mean to you?

Family are the people in my life who I choose to love whether they are related to me or just friends. Those who I hold closest to me are my family.

Q: What would surprise people about you?

People might be surprised to know that I was the skater art kid as a teen. The way I dress and act now doesn’t always give that impression when I meet new people.

Q: Cat or dog person?

My family had cats growing up, a few dogs, hamsters and even mice. Most of the pets we had were the result of passing pet stores and saying, “We’re only going to pet them.

Q: Celebrity you’d like to meet?

I would want to meet Keanu Reeves. I love the movies he is in and the kind of life he has lived while still being humble.

Q: Most memorable travel experience?

I was snorkeling over the reefs in Hawaii, and I accidentally swam to the far edge of the reef. As I swam, the colorful fish and coral just ended. I felt a cold current run past me, and I looked up to see a dark blue abyss. The beach sloped straight down into darkness. It was terrifying but exciting at the same time.

Q: Who’s your biggest fan?

My mom. She has always been there to support me and loves it when I succeed in something.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

An impromptu elementary school dance contest. A terrible version of “the robot” was involved. Because of that, to this day I will not dance.

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