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Local Video Marketing

It is no secret that in this day in age, consumers prefer to stream video content over reading text. When combined with graphics, music and succinct messaging, video has become the leading source of consumable information among today’s tech-savvy population.

And as download speeds become faster amongst all devices, video marketing is becoming an effective trend in digital outreach efforts as a whole. If you want your business to be competitive online and convert more prospects into clients, local video marketing should be an integral part of your advertising strategy. At The Communications Group, we have the know-how and creative skills and tools to create compelling call to actions that will help get your message across to key publics.

The Importance of Local Ranking

For the majority of businesses, local ranking is key. Many consumers search the internet for products or services nearby, often within their city or town. With the internet essentially functioning as the new Yellow Pages, it is essential that your business show up locally on Google and other search engines.

Local video marketing helps businesses drive a steady stream of traffic to their website. Video and moving images are more likely to retain the attention of consumers. By exposing them to carefully crafted calls to action, you are enticing them to invest in your business’ services and products.

At ComGroup, we have helped many businesses – large & small – in creating compelling content that achieves their advertising goals, whether that’s increasing traffic to their website, customer conversions or an increase in sales. View our collection of case studies to see the work we put in to making sure our clients have carefully constructed campaigns tailored to their goals.

Secure the Local Market

If you are a brick and mortar business, you certainly understand the importance of advertising to residents of your community. Ideally, you do not want to focus solely on gaining a one-time client, but a client that has formed enough of a connection with your business that they will return for business and refer their friends, families and colleagues.

Local video marketing makes use of the conveyance of emotions within video, an incredibly effective tactic in helping prospects form a personal connection with your business. Cultivate the face-to-face connection that keeps customers connected with your business. ComGroup has data-driven methods for creating content that is emotionally engaging and focused on driving and retaining traffic.

Trust the Video Marketing Experts

If you are ready to take your organization’s marketing practices to the next level, the experienced team at ComGroup would love to help! With our guidance, you can create effective, targeted and results-driven content about your business and maximize the effectiveness of your local video marketing efforts. Contact us today to get started!

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