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Maylee Stewart
Class of 2019

Name: Maylee A. Stewart

Hometown: Denver, CO

Title/Position: Environmental Services Supervisor

Briefly describe your role: No two days are ever the same – and I love it! In short I oversee day-to-day operations, and work side by side employees as needed. Coordinate work schedules, onboarding training, oversee floor care operations, assist with all-staff meetings, and implement new policies and procedures. Work closely with a team overseeing area clinics. I built and implemented new policy, protocols and just-in-time training for infection control, at the onset of COVID-19.


Q: Is what you’re doing now what you always pictured you would do?
A: Absolutely! I believe that I have been given an opportunity to work with one of the most important branches of the healthcare industry. Ensuring the safety of patients, co-workers, staff members and our community. The highest priority for me and the EVS department is patient satisfaction and infection control. As well, to provide a safe and well liked atmosphere for my employees.

My goal has always been to be where I am most needed and where my personal and professional qualities would best be utilized. My passion is to motivate, support and lead individuals to be the best version of themselves. And, in turn supporting them in reaching their full potential and achieving their own success. I am honored to serve with our Environmental Services team at Ozarks Medical Center.

Q: What do you see as the greatest challenges for women in your chosen industry? What are the greatest opportunities?
A: I believe women are critical stakeholders in the healthcare industry as they serve as workers, caregivers and consumers. However, I do not feel there are challenges specific to just women in the healthcare industry. Male or female, the healthcare industry has challenges of all aspects and at all levels. There are a plethora of roles within my industry and there are just as many males as females seated in the various positions. Rather, I would say that if you want something bad enough you should embrace the challenges, learn from them and be diligent. It may not make it easier but it encourages growth and makes a stronger person. There are many opportunities for women in the healthcare industry which include but are not limited to: personal and professional growth, establishing professional connections and becoming well rounded leaders. The greatest opportunity I believe is that of having the privilege of providing excellent and compassionate care to all we serve.


Q: Who has inspired you in your life/career?
A: My son, Brayden Henry. He has motivated me in unprecedented ways. He is light during a storm, a warm smile on a rough day and a young man whose opinion means so much. I want to make sure that I instill the same work ethic, morals and values in him and I do so by leading by example.

My Dad, Frank Stewart and his go to quote: “lead, follow or get out of the way.” While it may sound rough at first glance, how it is applied is important to understanding its value. There are moments in which we must lead, a time in which we need to follow and, when we understanding our own strengths and weaknesses a time in which we simply get out of the way.

My sister Ashley Stewart, “if you tell me I can’t, I will show you that I can.” Not to be confused with an act of defiance more so a call to action or mode of inspiration. It is how we were raised, and is so valuable in the world we live in. Promoting strength, courage and a mindset that refuses to give up.

I have had the privilege of working with many inspiring team members and companies, and in different areas of expertise. While obtaining my education I collaborated with students and professors with profound backgrounds. Collectively, I have been inspired by them all. I have taken away bits and pieces of experience and knowledge, which has helped me to build a foundation of strong worth ethic, integrity and passion.


Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring professional?
A: Leaders never stop learning. Invite constructive feedback. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, in your first two weeks. Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty – the best way to understand and lead specific to your area of expertise – is to do so with understanding and by example. Be respectful to all of those around you. Work hard. Be open minded. Embrace challenges. Welcome change. You’re not always given an open path to success, sometimes you have to make your own. Even if that means going a bit against the grain, but make sure that you are always doing the right thing. Understand and make a priority: integrity, honesty, determination and accountability.


Q: What’s been your secret to success?
A: Honestly, I do not feel that there is a “secret” to success, rather if one wants to be successful they have to stand up and be ready to put in the time, effort and hard work. No person has achieved success by merely standing on the sidelines waiting to be successful. Nobody is going to freely hand it to you. I have been hungry for success, and I chose every day to go out there and get it.

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