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Video Advertising with ComGroup

Compelling content, clear messaging and entertaining visuals have propelled video advertising into the forefront of modern marketing techniques. And at ComGroup, we can implement strategic methods in preparing, producing and distributing video that can assist in generating new leads, converting new customers, and reaching new audiences.

Video Advertising

With so much content on the internet, it can be hard for your brand to make an impression. But video advertising campaigns are a great way to draw attention to your organization. Video content is much more engaging and easy to digest that print material. More dynamic than static imagery, video presents the unique opportunity for businesses to provide valuable, genuine insight into their organizations to build customer loyalty.

Make an Impression

The moment a visitor clicks the play button, they’re investing in learning more about your company. They’re agreeing to be engaged by your brand. At ComGroup, we can guide you in creating content that instantly captures their attention and keeps it there. Give viewers a glimpse into your organization’s culture with a documentary-esque clip highlighting your core values, employees and overall ethos. A humorous tilt will keep viewers entertained, and client interviews help build your business’ credibility.

When done well, a webinar or educational video can lead to repeat visitors that will return to your channel for more helpful hints. Be sure that your content is timely, engaging and well-informed so that visitors continue to seek out your guidance in your areas of expertise. By showing off your industry knowledge, you’re also affecting lead conversions, as viewers begin to trust your insight. And, subsequently, your brand.

Boost Your Ranking

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet today. By concentrating some of your marketing efforts on video advertising, you can build up your presence on the web. Compelling content can easily be shared on multiple social media platforms. And with appropriate tagging, your video can come up for commonly searched terms. The team at ComGroup can assist you in reaching a wider audience through strategic video advertising strategies to increase your search engine ranking.

Work With Industry Experts

When you’re ready to invest resources in video advertising, work with the experienced team at ComGroup. In addition to advising you in discovering your market and preparing your content, we can also assist with publishing your video and increasing its reach. For comprehensive creative services in video advertising, contact ComGroup today!

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