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Video for Business

In recent years, video content has exploded with the rise of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other major social media players have all integrated video feed into their platforms as the format grew in popularity. But sharing cat videos on a friend’s Facebook page isn’t the only way to utilize this highly effective and engaging content. Crafting video for business purposes can greatly increase your company’s reach, branding and trust among consumers.

Using Video For Business Promotion

Modern audiences are becoming increasingly concerned with the brands they support being genuine in their marketing approach. With so much information available at the tips of their fingers, a quick internet search will dig up and disprove any marketing ploy businesses use to falsely advertise their products.

Video provides the unique opportunity to bolster your brand’s authenticity in a way that can also help humanize your organization. Interviewing customers and capturing their testimonials can work to increase brand trust, in addition to recognition. Using entertaining, timely or funny clips can convey your company has a sense of humor and a finger on the pulse on what’s going on in society today. Music can also help convey a range of emotion, including elation, sadness or even a sense of duty. Consumers also prefer video as the most preferred type of communication from brands they follow.

Unlike traditional marketing plans of the past, which relied on brands reaching out to consumers, video has the unique quality of being shared by the consumer. When a company unveils an entertaining or emotionally-charged video, it has the potential of going ‘viral.’ Because video content can be shared so easily across multiple platforms, memorable videos have the potential of reaching audiences around the world – with no cost to your company. Brand loyalty may also increase as consumers watch a video shared by a family member or friend, especially when compared to that same video being shown as a commercial on cable or satellite television.

You can also receive valuable insight into your consumer’s feedback through the use of video comments, likes and shares. Read through the comment section to learn more about what your targeted demographic wants to see, what they liked, and what they didn’t.

Work with the Best

The Communications Group has decades of experience in integrated communications with services in data-driven strategic planning, multi-channel implementation and more. To optimize your video for business promotional use – with the potential to increase your marketing reach worldwide – contact us today.

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