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Video Marketing Strategy

In our quickly advancing digital age, it’s important that your brand stay on the cutting edge of modern advertising techniques. At The Communications Group, we can assist your organization in creating a completely custom and effective video marketing strategy to increase both your overall reach and loyalty to your brand.

Benefits of Video Content

While Google is unrivaled as the number one search engine, the second largest is YouTube. The video sharing giant has over a billion active users and reaches more adults ages 18-49 than any other broadcast network on a mobile device. YouTube plays an integral part in any successful online marketing campaign.

Increase Engagement

Visual content has the ability to be more compelling, entertaining and emotionally-charged than text. Viewers are ten times more likely to engage, share and comment on videos than blogs, articles or other text-driven social posts. Furthermore, consumers prefer video content as communication from brands they support over emails, newsletters, images and blog entries.

In addition to higher rates of engagement, video has also proven to capture more consumer attention than any other medium.

Valuable Insight

Video is also offering greater insight into consumer behavior. Text-driven content can’t tell you if users read the entire post, re-read certain parts, or visited the article again later. But with video, this sort of feedback is readily available. You can quantify click-through rates, the amount of times a certain video was watched, and even drop-off points. With so much more information to work with, you can tailor your video content to better engage your target audience. Adding video content to your website can also improve your search engine ranking as well. Google and YouTube can index your content and help you rank for particular keyword searches.

Video is only projected to rise in popularity in the future. To make sure your organization is optimizing outreach to its fullest extent, let the experts at The Communications Group help you in creating an impactful video marketing strategy.

Creating an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

When it comes to forming emotional connections to viewers, video is king. Through the use of body language, tone of voice, and even music tracks, videos are able to evoke an emotional response from audiences at a much higher rate than image- or text-based content. Facilitating this bond also helps to increase brand loyalty and customer conversions.

At ComGroup, we can help you strategize the best way to reach and move your audience. Whether its through visually-intriguing video or compelling copywriting, we can guide your organization in the best strategies to build a loyal customer base through video. With services in research, strategic planning and message development, our team of experts will craft a custom video marketing strategy plan to reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Work With The Best

Contact the team at The Communications Group today to get started on your personalized video marketing strategy. With over three decades of experience, we know the marketing industry. Let us help you thrive in the digital age through a comprehensive video marketing plan tailored to your organization’s strengths.

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