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Video Promotion

Because the use of mobile phones has increased exponentially in the last decade, it’s become vital for organizations to utilize this mobile platform when reaching audiences. Video content has also become one of the most preferred types of communication, as it’s easily digestible for consumers and can stream seamlessly to their smartphone. To expound on both mobile and video growth, let The Communications Group assist you in expert video promotion services.

The experts at ComGroup have over three decades of experience in helping organizations and businesses develop finely tuned and carefully constructed marketing game plans to attract positive brand recognition, as well as acquire new customers and constituents. ComGroup has the experience and know-how to help your organization reach its marketing outreach goals.

Capitalize on Video

The amount of time per day that billions of people around the world spend on their phones or computers will astonish you. Contrary to the original use, mobile phones are seldom used to make phone calls. Instead, users routinely use them throughout the day to access the internet. With fast download speeds, affordable data plans and concentrated efforts in increasing available cell service, mobile phones more closely resemble pocket computers than telephones.

Fast video download speeds make watching uninterrupted videos online from the convenience of your mobile phone both possible and enjoyable. Computers are improving as well in video download speeds, particularly those that are high definition. This allows for businesses and organizations to advertise on the electronic platform where people spend the most time per day – their mobile devices or computers.

ComGroup can help your organization strategize the best data-driven solutions for video promotion. Whether you want to reach new audiences, increase customer conversions or boost sales, our team of experts will guide you through the best marketing strategies to achieve your goals.

Impressions Are Important

With so many people now accessing the internet for hours each day, an influx of companies and advertisers have also established identities on the web. More competition means that you have to work even harder to not only establish a presence, but keep prospective customers or clients interested in your particular products and services. Videos are captivating in a way that written, text-based communication can’t compare.

At ComGroup, we have studied the impact that video promotion and advertising can have on a business or organization’s overall strategic marketing plan. We are passionate about producing data-driven results that convince businesses and organizations of the power of social media and marketing.

Work With The Best

ComGroup is committed to creating value for our customers. Even better, we do it through numbers, meaning that you can be sure that you get the results you are looking for. Contact us today to leverage the power of video promotion for your governmental, agricultural, and business-to-business needs.

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