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Kitchen|Fields Table Tour Launch Dinner

November is Arkansas Soybean Month and our public relations team has been busy event planning for our client, the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. The special event is launching the second annual KitchenlFields Table Tour at Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock. The launch dinner is a farm-to-table style event and includes three courses of soy-focused dishes. Guests will be provided with a menu for the dinner that includes educational points about each soy component in the dishes.

Dinner guests will be hearing talks by several Arkansas agriculture advocates, including Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward. The table tour was developed in 2015 to encourage Arkansans to eat more soy foods and soy-fed protein, such as pork, beef, turkey and chicken.

Keep following this story because more feature restaurants are joining the table tour to serve soybean-inspired dishes in 2017. Learn more about the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour at

The soybean industry has a great impact on animal agriculture. Here are some Arkansas facts you may have not known:

  • Arkansas ranks 2nd in the nation for boiler production and 10th in the nation for soybean production.
  • Poultry consumes about half of all the soybean meal produced because of the high protein content, which in turn provides essential nutrients to the animal and increases their performance.
  • Arkansas ranks 3rd in the nation for turkey production raising 28 million turkeys last year. Turkeys are the 4th largest consumer of soybean meal in the U.S., consuming more than 2 million tons of soybean meal in 2014.
  • Arkansas ranks 4th in the nation for soybean usage. That includes our pork industry, where nearly 2 million swine consume soybean meal every day thanks to its high protein content. Arkansas ranks in the top 12 in the nation for calf production with a cattle inventory totaling 1.6 million head. In 2014, beef cattle consumed about 1.4 million tons of soybean meal in the U.S.


You can find these Arkansas facts on the table tents our creative team designed, which is cohesive with all the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour materials.

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