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PR Writing 101

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If you haven’t caught on by now, the writing style taught in school is of little use to today’s public relations professional. What we were taught then is not recommended in the industry as we navigate the Associated Press Style and the details of public relations writing. To make the transition easier, here are some tips to keep in mind when tackling your next public relations piece.

Clean Copy

Minimizing typos and using spell check is the first step in preparing quality copy. Paying attention to simple things like punctuation, capitalization, and if dates and days match up, is the bare minimum a writer is expected to do.

Inform Without Clutter

Write shorter without losing meaning. This may take longer, but readers prefer the direct approach. This includes cutting meaningless modifiers and descriptors and combining phrases into single nouns. Getting rid of flowery language or hype and buzzwords is a good place to start. Eliminating the word “that” is also something to consider.

3 Steps to Trimming the Fat in Your Writing

Persuade Without Puffery

Show, don't Tell. Don’t tell readers what to think. Provide facts, and allow them to make their own conclusion. This can be accomplished by using an active voice and avoiding adjectives and adverbs. While editing, ask yourself, “What or who is performing the action?” and “How do I know this? How can I demonstrate this?” for guidance. This provides credibility in the reader’s eyes.

Engage with Flair

Implement color and wit. Do this by playing with words and choosing key elements from the subject to transform into figures of speech. This evokes imagery and makes the piece quicker to read. Clear is the new clever, however. Your writing is more likely to stand out when it’s clear, so it’s important to strategically approach this step.

These are small but detailed things that can make or break the value of your copy. Take time and filter through these steps in your next attempt.

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Amber Austen, Account Services Coordinator

Amber Austen, Account Services Coordinator

Amber joined ComGroup full-time after completing her internship with us. As the Account Services Coordinator, Amber helped maintain the flow around the office by managing general office tasks, client services work and providing support to the accounting department.