Hooroo 2023 and G’Day 2024

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I think we can all agree 2023 had some unexpected twists and turns. Some might call it change. I call it change on steroids.

If you bore easily, this is a great business for you because the variety of opportunities that come our way is what makes this industry so interesting and rewarding.

2023 was an exceptional year in that respect at ComGroup.

The strategic path we’ve laid out for ourselves is uniquely distinctive and has helped in curating an impressive client portfolio over time niched primarily in the manufacturing, government outreach and education and agriculture industries. Still, with 36 years under our belt we’ve also gained experiences that have allowed us to cast a wide net.

In that regard there were several stand out opportunities that arose last year, including projects in higher education, new educational approaches at the secondary education level, and metropolitan development. These opportunities allowed us to tap into our talents for building multi-layered communications plans based on research and facilitated team planning. Communication plans that incorporated local community audiences as well as government entities. Plans that involved multi-purpose living and retail development. And driving enrollment in an innovative new secondary education concept.

Not only did these prospects allow us to showcase our background experience but, it put us at the table, as a team member, with a wide range of influential organizations, talented individuals and disciplines from all over the United States including Portland, Scottsdale, Chicago, Atlanta and even, Australia.

It was quite a year. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Dan Cowling, MA, Founder & CEO

Dan Cowling, MA, Founder & CEO

Dan specializes in training, personal development, marketing strategy and program concepts.