Marketing Terms You Need to Know

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Our agency services span multiple consumer touch-points. The purpose of this article is to provide an expanded commentary on some of our more nuanced services.


Market Research


Specialized Professional Research

We completed a nationwide survey in the spring with credentialed professionals - mechanical, electrical and specifying engineers - who are busy and often hard to reach. We designed an online survey with a $40 incentive and used a qualified, opt-in email list to target the audience.

We had scheduled two weeks to fill the sample minimum but reached the minimum in four days. The objective of the survey was brand awareness benchmarking following a company acquisition and name change, to determine what, if any effect, the name change would have on customer brand preference.

Structured Remote Interviews

We completed a nationwide series of SRIs (structured remote interviews) for a national organization to assess needs for a planned technology development project that had stalled. The organization had attempted focus groups at several locations around the country.

They had even developed a lengthy facilitator’s guide but were unable to efficiently conduct the focus groups within their budget. Our solution was to build an SRI plan for them and conduct 45- minute recorded structured interviews with qualified professionals throughout the country, using a new interview guide we developed.

That project took six weeks. We conducted all the interviews, analyzed the results, wrote the report and produced a presentation providing the summary of project implications.

Competitor Editorial Analysis

We built a research project for an industrial client who wanted to increase their share of voice in several key vertical markets. We analyzed five years of editorial coverage in 25 influential trade media outlets, both online and offline, and we looked at the competitors’ presence on key social channels used by target customers and engineering professionals, like LinkedIn.

We built a comprehensive index of editorial coverage in the priority markets that included authorship, attribution, subject matter and tone of coverage. From that index, we created a share-of-voice baseline from the findings against which the client would benchmark future coverage, content and volume.


Message Development


Powerful messages require insight into the message development process. We offer MessageMAPPING, neuro-messaging, message testing, brand messaging, product messaging, long-term message strategy, measurement and insights that tell your story so your audience keeps listening.

APR Certified Staffing

The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential certifies a practitioner’s drive, professionalism, ethics and principles, positioning you as a leader and mentor in the competitive public relations field. For our staff, this means we participate in monthly internal workshops to continue delivering excellence for our clients.


Modern Advertising

Continuous Media Optimization

Building your ads with Google accreditation, refining your audience targeting, negotiating the very best placement in traditional, digital and social and tracking your ad performance with Continuous Media Optimization (CMO)™ is always powered by insight tailored for you based on your bottom line and your key performance indicators.

Google Certified Ad Buyers

The human factor of marketing hasn't really changed much, only the methods. With the world of digital media, we take our communication talents and apply them to the native platforms in both organic and paid messaging. Think of this as a service that combines creativity with analytics. It touches almost every component of modern business today.

Sprout Social Agency Partner

We know how integral social media has become in our day-to-day world. As an agency partner, our social strategists understand the nuances of cross-platform differences and how to create a dialogue with your audience. From listening, publishing and reporting, our team can take whatever role is needed for your in-house team.



ComGroup strives to provide value to our clients by powering insight.