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Meet ComGroup’s Newest Recruit

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I am Brody Fahr, the summer public relations intern at ComGroup. I am from Greenville, South Carolina and attend Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. At Presbyterian College, I am a student-athlete, majoring in business administration with a focus in management. I was open to what I wanted to study in college while I was in high school, but after taking some marketing and management classes, I felt that I needed to study something in that area. I hope to understand how businesses can effectively use marketing and advertising while interning at ComGroup.
Presbyterian College is one of the smaller colleges or universities in the United States with around one thousand undergrad students. Going to a small school has allowed me to become more personable and involved in things that are a little outside of my comfort zone.  

On a less serious note, I enjoy playing any and all sports, specifically baseball. I am currently the shortstop at Presbyterian College, finishing up my third season and ready for the fourth. I enjoy watching TV shows, meeting new people, and playing problem-solving games, like Clue.

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During this internship, I intend to use my creativity to help in areas where it is needed, and to be open to learning new skill sets while creating relationships with great people at ComGroup. I am specifically looking forward to learning more about social media marketing and the ins and outs of social media within a business. I intend to learn how to strategize on different platforms of social media and analyze different metrics within posts and hashtags.

During my CGXperience, I’m eager to make the most out of the internship by expanding my knowledge in all fields. Follow @CGXperience on Instagram to follow along with my internship experience, or to learn more about me and my teammates at ComGroup, click here.

Brody Fahr

Brody Fahr

Brody is the Summer '23 intern. He's pursuing a degree Business Administration and hopes to learn more about the role of marketing in business through his internship.