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Time Well Spent: Amber Austen’s CGXperience

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Before my internship began at The Communications Group, I was excited to finally have the opportunity to gain real experience in an agency setting and learn in what the public relations industry is all about. As my internship comes to an end, I’m reflecting on the amount of growth and lessons I picked up along the way.

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ComGroup's PR team attending the 2022 Broyles Award at the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock to cover the event’s public relations and social media.


Imposter Syndrome

Prior to my internship with ComGroup, the only intern experience I had was in a remote position with a smaller company. Entering an office setting where a team would be tending to client work on a day-to-day basis was intimidating; I wasn’t 100% confident in my abilities. That imposter syndrome quickly went away once I realized not everyone can be good at everything, but you can be good at what you’re best at. The ComGroup team leans on one another and reaches out to each other for guidance. They showed me I didn’t have to know or be good at everything. All I had to do was work hard and try again once I was given feedback.

Time Management

I thought my time-management skills were top-tier before starting at ComGroup, but the everchanging pace of an agency humbled that opinion. My professors didn’t lie when they said every day is different; every day there is something new that needs your attention whether you finish the last assignment or not. I found myself trying to prove I could do things I had never done before, and it took valuable time away from focusing on my strengths. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the work you wish you could do, it’s important to be mindful that your best skills deserve equal time and attention.

Expect the Unexpected

Some things can’t be explained; sometimes to fully grasp something is to experience it yourself. I had the opportunity to stand by ComGroup’s public relations team multiple times during client events. No matter how well the team discussed and solidified event plans, I never truly knew what to expect when the time came. I quickly learned time moves faster in the field and challenges arise without warning. What you think will be a well-organized, timely day could turn into a delayed morning and a rushed afternoon. Being open-minded and having a flexible schedule is the only way to survive in this industry.

These last four months benefited me in many ways personally and professionally. Although it’s bittersweet to part ways, I am excited to take on my next chapter of adulthood post-graduation.

My hopes are that ComGroup’s next intern, Braden, enjoys the CGXperience just as much. Stick around to follow Braden’s journey throughout his spring semester through this blog and the CGXperience Instagram account.

Amber Austen, Administrative Assistant

Amber Austen, Administrative Assistant

Amber joined ComGroup full-time after completing her internship with us. As the Administrative Assistant, Amber helps maintain the flow around the office by managing general office tasks and providing support to the accounting department. When needed, she also offers her support in client projects.