My CGXperience - Midpoint

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When it comes to communications, there are so many different professional routes to choose from. Through coursework in college, I have been able to learn about digital communications, journalism, advertising, marketing communications, and much more. Prior to my internship at The Communications Group, I was not completely sure which area I would enjoy most, so I took it upon myself to seek professional experience while still in college.

New Day, Everyday

While interning, I have had the opportunity to work with the public relations and digital marketing teams. This allows me to do something different every day, which helps me learn more during my short time at The Communications Group. Additionally, working with both teams has helped me form a better idea of what I hope to do in my future career. I am also able to receive valuable feedback on many different types of work, whether that be copywriting, social media, or graphic design.

Learning From Others’ Experiences

I have especially enjoyed interning at The Communications Group because of the other Groupers. Over the summer, many Groupers have provided me with constructive feedback that has improved the quality of my work. Additionally, I love hearing other Groupers’ stories of how they got to the point that they are now. It has inspired me to set goals for myself so that I can do the same.


For example, one Grouper shared her background in digital marketing with me. She told me what certifications she has and which ones she recommends. She also talked with me about the different kinds of jobs that she has had throughout her career. After having this conversation, I wrote down the list of certifications that she recommended and set goals to be able to add them to my resume before I graduate.

The Communications Group internship has allowed me to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world and has also taught me new skills I never could have developed anywhere else. I have gained so much experience that will be valuable to me in my future endeavors, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer looks like.


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Brooklyn Johnson

Brooklyn Johnson

Brooklyn interned at ComGroup during the summer of 2022 and spent most of her time with our public relations team. While interning, Brooklyn was studying Agricultural Communications with a concentration in Leadership at the University of Arkansas.