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Let’s E-A-T

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Many brands focus on how they can deliver the best quality content to their audiences. Numerous outside resources take content to the next level by reaching recognition through SEO (search engine optimization). How can you convince users and algorithms your content is worth visiting? Let’s start with the basics.

First, you must E-A-T.

Expertise – How much do you know about the topic you are delivering/writing? Make sure you’re not telling people what they already know but adding value and key takeaways to the content you are providing.

Authority – How well regarded are you in the space? Do you have credentials of any kind? Are you well established in the community? Let readers know you have the education and experience to go along with what you’re talking about.

Trust – Is your content accurate? Are there differing opinions? Do you cover all angles or have any bias? Stay true to what you know, and deliver ethical, authentic pieces that cover all bases.

Once you’re finished with your plate, it’s time to start optimizing your establishment in the industry and utilizing online resources.

Schema Markup

Provide clear signals to Google in the code of your site to show what you’ve written and how it is about to increase your SEO.schema

Positive Online Reputation

Make sure reviews and discussions around you and your website have a positive context. One way you can do this is to investigate what shows up when you search “[brand] reviews” or “[brand] scam.” This will help you identify how your brand is perceived.

Comprehensive, Quality Content

Provide users and Google with excellent resources around your topics. Don’t just state the main idea, but give users opportunities to learn beyond your content. Creating a CORE diagram helps when implementing this step to give you the nitty-gritty of your topic. Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines is also a good resource to refer to for this step.


quality rater

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Amber Austen, Administrative Assistant

Amber Austen, Administrative Assistant

Amber joined ComGroup full-time after completing her internship with us. As the Administrative Assistant, Amber helps maintain the flow around the office by managing general office tasks and providing support to the accounting department. When needed, she also offers her support in client projects.