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Social media is a necessity for marketing your services. However, being present on every platform isn’t always possible. Learning which social media platform fits your business needs best will help you focus your time, connect with your audience and promote your business more efficiently.

There are four main types of social media: traditional, image-based, short-form video and livestream platforms:

Traditional social networking sites allow users to communicate easily through written posts, pictures or videos. They typically have features like networking, event organizing and advertising abilities. Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) are prime examples of traditional social media sites.

Image-based social media sites are ideal for social commerce. Sharing images is more likely to influence consumers into purchasing your products. Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to connect with consumers this way and offer a myriad of ways to promote your products.

But, images might not always be the most effective. In many circumstances, video is the superior way to grab an audience’s attention.

Short-form video social media is most popular. Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts help bring brand awareness and products to life. Creating content for these platforms can be as simple as following the current trends and recreating videos from other users.

Video live streaming is offered on almost every platform, but it is important to know when to use it. Speeches, events or planned interviews are great content for this format. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the ideal platforms to air your live stream event.

With all these platforms, it's important to set goals and consider the time and resources you have available. Your goals help identify your priorities and show you which platforms best suit your needs. If your business only has the time and resources to be on one or two platforms, invest your time into producing quality content for those platforms.

Still not sure where to start? Check out our complimentary social media audit for an in-depth look at how youre doing and opportunities to improve. Then, get in touch with our digital marketing team for help creating a more effective social media strategy.

Jacie Lemons

Jacie Lemons

Jacie interned with ComGroup during the spring semester of 2024. During her time as an intern, she was completing her public relations studies at the University of Central Arkansas.