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First Intern Lesson Learned

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As a young, up and coming professional in the public relations industry, I often feel intimidated and lack confidence when it comes to throwing myself into the mix of highly qualified professionals in their natural habitats. After attending my first Arkansas PRSA chapter meeting, let me explain why I no longer feel self-doubt, but optimistic, for future encounters.

“Just an Intern” Does Not Exist

What I thought myself to be at first, was debunked as soon as I arrived. Arkansas PRSA members could not have been more thrilled to see a young aspiring PR professional taking advantage of real-world opportunities. I was given a name tag and introduced as ComGroup’s fall intern where I received positive feedback and eager conversation about my future goals. Members didn’t see me as “just an intern”, they saw me as someone striving to become the best communicator I could be.


It did not matter what industry of communication members were from, all communicators were welcomed and present. Not only that, but all were listened to and encouraged to ask questions. The Arkansas PRSA community is a welcoming environment of professionals who offer open-mindedness and on-going resources for all its members and those they represent, putting me at ease moving forward in an industry full of communicators.


In a room full of communicators, it was apparent almost everyone was familiar with each other. Nothing is more beneficial than “knowing a guy who knows a guy.” The catch, however, is you must open up to one before you can be introduced to the next. By doing so, I was able to connect with a professional whose background is in my desired career field. They offered to sit down and discuss my future goals with me. All it takes is one open door to start the journey.

This CGxperience taught me a very important lesson: Swallow all self-doubt and move forward with confidence.


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Amber Austen

Amber Austen

Amber took on the role of our intern during the fall semester of 2022 as she wrapped up her senior year at the University of Central Arkansas. Amber has a passion for writing, enjoys learning new things and is always up for a challenge.